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Medical registrations

ActivePosture® is the exclusive european distributor of posture clothing from american manufacturer Alignmed Inc., the only manufacturer of posture clothing registered by the FDA. Alignmed Inc. has developed and use the NeuroBand® technology in their products.

The posture clothing you can buy at ActivePosture® is CE registered as medical devices. This to ensure that the rules and regulations for medical devices and specifically performance, environment, health and safety are followed. The CE registration is your guarantee that our products fully live up to the demands that are a required for medical devices.

  • Manufacturers of medical devices must be able to document the quality, safety and performance of their products and the CE registration has to be renewed yearly
  • Medical devices can't be sold or marketed unless they are CE registered

If you are considering buying posture clothing online, remember to check if the product is CE registered as a medical device. There are, unfortunately, lots of copies and bad products in circulation and none of these are CE registered.


Info about CE registrations: CLICK HERE

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