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What to look for in a posture corrector

Remember when your mother asked you to sit up straight? When you followed her order, you actually activated your back muscles and for a few moments you sat up straight. Unfortunately, you most likely slipped back to your slouching posture once your mum had left the room. Hence this is the reason you are maybe today searching for a “posture corrector” or other tools on search engines like Google to help you sit up straight.

Avoid lazy muscles

Most results will show braces which are designed to hold your shoulders back for you in a fixed position. This is often a good solution if you have broken your shoulder and for a few weeks need to have as little movement as possible in the healing process, but it also means that your muscles become "lazy" and weak as it is the brace that is doing all the work for you. If you are looking for a posture corrector that can help you to get to a point where you can hold an aligned posture without the need of any aid, most physiotherapists and chiropractors will recommend finding a product that does not overtake the muscles functionality.

Help to work on your muscles

Exercising is naturally always the best you can do, but unfortunately, this is something we can only do for a limited amount of hours. If you already do that and still struggle with your posture and have pain in neck, shoulder or back related to your posture, then, rather than wearing a posture corrector brace you may look for something that will work as a reminder of you to sit up straight, just as your mother told you. You need to work your muscles, you need to do the work yourself, but there is no shame in getting support and our medically approved product may benefit you. Read more about our award-winning products (Best Posture-Correcting Sports Wear Product for 2019 voted by Global Health & Pharma) below the images.



A posture correcting shirt to combat poor posture

A solution for some can be posture correcting shirts, these should not be compression shirts, as they work the same way as braces by not allowing your muscles to do any work. The posture correcting shirt gives proprioceptive feedback, meaning it makes you aware of your posture and encourages you to align your posture. These are the kind of garments you will often find in physiotherapist clinics, but they can naturally also be found online. One of the most popular posture correcting shirts is created by American apparel innovator, AlignMed. Their shirt, Posture Shirt 2.0, is the world’s only medically approved posture correcting shirt and is available in the UK  exclusively from activeposture.co.uk.

Posture corrector t-shirt for all types of work

Wearing a posture corrector t-shirt can help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, both short- and long term. By committing to wearing a posture correcting shirt for 3-6 months, you will experience how the muscles in your back and shoulders are getting stronger and therefore help you to hold an aligned posture, even when not wearing the shirt. As all you need to do is wear the shirt, this makes it a perfect product for people with a sedentary lifestyle, being from sitting long hours at a desk or driving. Equally, it is ideal for those working in asymmetrical positions, for instance, dentists, hairdressers or movers.

Back posture corrector for exercising

While a posture correcting shirt is mostly used in day-to-day life situations, it is amazing to use while working out, whether that is running, horse riding, lifting weights or doing yoga. Many postural issues and subsequent pain and aches stem from not being able to hold a strong posture throughout one's workout, so look for a back posture corrector that provides support for your entire back.