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Posture clothing

Posture clothing: all you need to know
ActivePosture® is the exclusive UK distributor of posture clothing developed by AlignMed, the world's only manufacturer of posture correcting clothing registered by the FDA. The products are also CE marked as medical devices in Europe, your guarantee that the products have been thoroughly tested and are safe to use. Our products are inspired by the concept of Kinesio-taping, which stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation and can aid in maintaining an aligned posture an assist in the treatment of pain and tension.

Posture clothing:

  • Can reduce back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders (see survey)
  • Helps you to achieve aligned posture through posture awareness
  • Activates and stimulates inhibited muscles
  • Decreases tension in overstrained muscles
  • Improves muscle-memory

How does posture clothing work?

It can be difficult to keep an upright posture throughout the day, which is where posture clothing from ActivePosture® can help. Posture clothing activates muscle memory to help you achieve an improved, upright posture.
Posture clothing can be a comfortable and practical solution for problems induced by poor posture, or it can act as a supplement to training, exercise and physical therapy. Your posture has an influence on your physical health and overall well-being, so having aligned posture is beneficial during work, training and in everyday life.  


Who is posture clothing suitable for?
Pretty much everyone can improve their posture from wearing posture clothing. It is also particularly beneficial to supplement physiotherapy and training, however, if you have a recent injury, we recommend consulting a physiotherapist or doctor before use.


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